Ultimate Stone & Grout

(Product Number 2342441)

Utimate Stone & Grout Label

Stone and Grout Cleaner

Ultimate Stone & Grout is a concentrated heavy duty alkaline cleaner and restorer for deep cleaning of heavily soiled tile and grout. Safe for use on all polished surfaces. Ultimate Stone & Grout is unmatched in it’s ability to clean and restore stone and grout to it’s original color. This non acid formula is safe to use on natural stone and will not etch the surface of the stone. You should always use a Alkaline based product on stone and grout first to remove greases, oils and any sealers on the surface. If further cleaning is needed an acid product can be used as a second phase of restoration. If an acid product is used as a second step you should rinse with Ultimate Stone & Grout to restore the pH of the stone and grout. Ultimate Stone & Grout Intensive Cleaner removes dark build-up of greases and soils that are typically embedded in stone floors and grout.

Ultimate Stone & Grout SDS

Ultimate Stone & Grout Label

Ultimate Stone & Grout Tech Sheet

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