Pan Med Jr.

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Pan Med Jr

Pan-Med JrUp to 1.5 Ton-3 Months (36 per box)

3 Ton-3 Months (18 per box)

5 Ton-3 Months (12 per box)

Pan Med Jr geltabs are formulated with AT-8, the new technology breakthrough for treating A/C drain lines and pans. Easy to use-use place a Pan Med Jr in the pan and as moisture drips on or flows over the geltab, it activates the chemicals that lock the Pan-Med in place. Once the Pan-Med locks into place, they will never move and block the drain line. Pan Med Jr then forms a gel that slowly releases the active ingredients, producing up to 6 months of safe, positives prolong cleaning action.

Pan Med Jr SDS

Pan Med Jr Label

Pan Med Jr Tech Sheet



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