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Neutra-Fresh (Product Number 2190241)


No-Rinse Neutral Cleaner

Neutra-Fresh is a low-foaming non-ionic surfactant with exceptional grease-cutting performance. Neutra-Fresh will not streak, haze or leave a detergent film residue on cleaned surfaces. The gentle cleaner is ideal for damp mopping of floors. Neutra-Fresh has a mild detergent that is gentle to all washable surfaces yet strong enough to remove tough dirt and soils. Neutra-Fresh’s purpose is to clean floors, walls, woodwork, chrome, and stainless steel. It is quick and easy with Neutra-Fresh. Use to damp mop floors or in an auto-scrubber. Neutra-Fresh will not dull the gloss or harm the floor finish.

Neutra-Fresh SDS

Neutra-Fresh Label

Neutra-Fresh Tech Sheet

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