Gorilla Grit

(Product Number: 4-3.455 Litters per case-2235814 or

18-18oz per case-2235181)

Gorilla GritGrit Hand Soap

Gorilla Grit Is a biodegradable hand soap that is formulated with 20% cosmetic grade walnut shells as scrubbers. This is the same type and quality that is used in women’s facials resulting in cleaner, softer hands. Most competitors have only 5%-8% of various types of scrubbers in their hand soaps. Other competitors also have typically 50%-60% water in their product compared to Gorilla Grit’s 20%. Made with quality emollients, Gorilla Grit provides Gorilla Strength cleaning while leaving the hands soft and protected without the greasy feel.

Gorilla Grit SDS

Gorilla Grit Label

Gorilla Grit Tech Sheet


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