Drain Seal Cherry

(Product Number 2024612)

Drain Seal Cherry

Liquid Floating Drain Sealant (12 Quarts per Case)

Drain Seal Cherry’s unique formula is specifically designed to prevent mal-odor caused by dry drains and grease traps. When fumes escape from stagnant drains or grease traps, they become a very noticeable problem. Routine water flushing is time consuming and ineffective, that is why there is Drain Seal Cherry. Drain Seal Cherry is designed to float on top of stagnant water and grease to lock down the mal-odor they produce. Because Drain Seal Cherry is mineral oil based, it will not evaporate and will not mix with water and wash away. Drain Seal Cherry emits a pleasant cherry fragrance. All is well with Drain Seal Cherry.

Drain Seal Cherry SDS

Drain Seal Cherry Label

Drain Seal Cherry Tech Sheet

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