Bio-Remediation for Grease Traps

Many buildings including hospitals, schools and restaurants have food courts or kitchens that produce greasy waste. The waste is collected in grease traps. The drain lines and grease traps in your kitchens, food preparation and processing areas are designed to flow at a specific rate. During daily use, grease and other organic matter build up on the sides of those pipes, reducing their flow. Even a brand-new drain system can develop problems in just a few months to the extent that flow rates are reduced by 50% or more! The buildup contributes to not only a decrease in flow, but also an increase in maintenance labor costs and outside service calls due to back ups, blockages, municipality service charges and additional grease trap pumping requirements.

Problem– Waste water from restaurants and kitchens contain large amounts of fats, oils and grease (FOG) which are immiscible with water and can cause blockages in pipes and sewers, as well as foul odors. In order to remove the FOG, all restaurants and kitchens waste water is fed into a grease trap that consists of a large tank with a series of baffles. Grease is collected and retained at the top of the trap. Sediments fall to the bottom and the waste water is discharged from an outlet in the middle. When the grease and sediment have built up to a significant level, the trap ceases to be effective, this is when pumping is required. Most municipalities require a restaurant or kitchen to pump their grease trap every 90 days regardless of the size or fullness.

An optimal grease trap should retain both grease and sediment. The bulk of the sediment is trapped behind the lower baffle allowing the grease to float on the surface in the middle of the trap. The baffles ensure that the trap captures any grease or sediment which is en-trained in the water system. This system is particularly active during peak hours with higher flow rates.




Solution– With Harper Supply’s Bio-Remediation treatment, grease trap operating costs can be significantly reduced by the automation of our Super BioBugs Bacteria. Bio-Remediation uses bacteria to break down FOG’s, resulting in a cleaner discharge to the sewer as well as reducing the amount of times the trap needs to be pumped to the minimum required by the residing municipality. The Super BioBugs also help to break down the grease in the waste pipes and lines leading to the grease trap, reducing blockages and accumulated grease deposits throughout the inside of the line.

Our unique and highly concentrated enzyme producing bacteria are especially effective on long-chain fatty acids, the most common cause of grease trap problems. Treatment with Super BioBugs also eliminates foul odors- including hydrogen sulfur,- the “rotten-egg” smell because our microorganisms consume and breakdown odor-causing organic wastes.  During treatment, a bio-film of active microorganisms build up on the inside walls of the drain lines and grease traps. This bio-film works around the clock consuming and breaking down grease and organic wastes before they have a chance to accumulate in the line and in the trap.

Harper Supply’s Super BioBugs are powerful bacteria similar to those found in nature. They are a specific blend of spore type bacteria that completely degrade grease, fats and other organic waste- they don’t just dissolve the FOGS to later solidify further down the line. The grease waste is then converted into fatty acids that are oxidized into nonpolluting carbon dioxide and water.

For more information on Harper Supply’s Bio-Remediation Treatment of Grease Traps, or to gain a copy of our City of Fort Worth approval letter for this treatment program, contact your sales representative or our office at

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